Does your business marketing framework look like this?

Yes! We love what we do.

Our planners represent the one person who’s not in the room during ideation sessions: the consumer. We take this needed, and sometimes dissenting, view to help agency and client teams separate and elevate the truly amazingly relevant and breathtaking ideas from the merely great ones.

In our quest for the root of the consumer insight we sometimes uncover a business conundrum that extends beyond a campaign or a website into broader organizational considerations. This is when our roadmapping chops come into play and we start talking about the next 30-60-90 days, the next 3-5 years. Sure, we need to launch the campaign this quarter, but we know we can’t just look quarter –to-quarter: we have to have a vision, and a plan, in order to keep meeting our consumer’s hopes, dreams, expectations. In order to be relevant.