Digital marketing and planning

Digital marketing and planning

Our planners represent the one person who’s not in the room during ideation sessions: the consumer. We take this needed, and sometimes dissenting, view to help agency and client teams separate and elevate the truly amazingly relevant and breathtaking ideas from the merely great ones.

In our quest for the root of the consumer insight we sometimes uncover a business conundrum that extends beyond a campaign or a website into broader organizational considerations. This is when our roadmapping chops come into play and we start talking about the next 30-60-90 days, the next 3-5 years. Sure, we need to launch the campaign this quarter, but we know we can’t just look quarter –to-quarter: we have to have a vision, and a plan, in order to keep meeting our consumer’s hopes, dreams, expectations. In order to be relevant.

Content planning
Content strategy is about storytelling, there’s not much ‘digital’ to it. Humans have been telling each other stories for thousands of years , the only difference now is that we can add those stories to our Pin Boards.

We create content strategies that bring audiences closer to relevant, useful stories and put brands in conversations where they can take part in an impactful dialogue with their customers.

Every content strategy starts by asking the same questions:
• Who do you want to talk to?
• Where are they now?
• What are they doing while they’re there
The answers to these simple queries provide us with the insights we need to help your brand construct a story that audiences will find relevant to their needs, expected from a brand like you and personal to how they like to consumer content. For some brands this will mean email, a website and Twitter, other brands may be better to focus their attention on Facebook with a strategic blogger outreach program running alongside. Whatever the channel, we decide on the story first and then find the best way to tell it to your customers

That’s how content strategy gets you closer.

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